Thank you to all our wonderful donors!

This list of donors reflects donors who gave to our 2013 capital campaign, which allowed us to purchase our facility and establish Sand Springs Recreational Center as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 serving our local community.


Josiah and Penny Low


Paul Neely


Williams College
The Alice Shaver Foundation


The Jake Foundation
Jack and Susy Wadsworth


Donovan & O’Connor
Eakin Patton Family
Sheila M. Stone
Eric and Stacy Cochran
Lisa and Orion Howard
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute


Stevenson Family Charitable Trust
The Falk Family
Duncan and Susan Brown
The Maier Fund
Chip and Michele Moeller Chandler
Hugh and Marisa Daley
Dustin and Gale Griffin
Gates Hawn
Joey and Ragnar Horn
Jim and Joan Hunter
The Kirkpatrick Family
Philip and Kathy McKnight
Patrice and Malcolm Smith


Bob and Carol Stegeman
Jay and Rachel Tarses
Joe Bergeron and Geraldine Shen
Susan Dunn
Stephanie Boyd and Bill Lenhart
Lee Venolia and Jay Thoman
Martha Westerdahl
Monica and Osmin Alvarez
Jim and Sue Briggs
Kate Brill and Charley Stevenson
John Umlauf
Janette Kessler Dudley
Will Dudley
Joe and Tracy Finnegan
Chet Lasell


Lutra Aquatics
Mark Brandriss and Ronadh Cox
David and Maribeth Pomerantz
James M. Harper
Jamie and Childsy Art
Broadwell Carpentry
Linda Conway
The Costley Family
Jack and Maureen Dietze
Peggy Hedeman
Chris and Russ Howard
Maryam Kamangar and Sam Darafshi
Chris Kirwan
Christine and John McAlister
Peter Mehlin
Bill and Margot Moomaw
Stephen and Donna Narey
Dennis O’Shea
Katherine and Bo Peabody
Carl and Nancy Samuelson
John and Wendy Skavlem
Sprague Family Foundation
Michael Stevens
Rob and Ann Marie Swann
Joe, Jennifer, Trainer and Isabel Thompson
Cathy and Roger Yamamoto
The Kennedys
Westall Architects


John Staudermayer
Laurie Bank and Stuart Freyer
John and Janice Benzinger
Bill and Margo Bowden
Julia Bowen and Brad Svrluga
Jerry Caprio and Jeanne Marklin
Erin Casey and Jonah Marshall
Consigli Construction Foundation
Peter Harrison
The Igoe Family
Jonna Kurucz
Kenneth H. Levison
The McComish Bernhardsson Family
The McWeeney Family
Jenn Rush and Charles Cromwell
Dawn and Patrick Schoorlemmer
Audrey Thier and Peter Murphy
Ann Tuttle
Barb Walsh and John Albano
Katherine Myers and Gerard Smith

Community Support

Richard Reynolds
Bill Gentry and Dana Pilson
Lauren and Marc Gotlieb
Katie Kent and Ben Weaver
Mark Kivitz
Robert B. Macartney
Peter and Theresa Allmaker
Joe and Nancy Cleary
Mullen Colaizzi Family
Rutledge and Arletta Currie
Evan Davis & Mary Boodell
Henry and Mary Flynt
Chuck and Rita Gardner
Holly Hardman
Beverly and Robert Hertzig
Bob Kraus and Kathy Morris
Bill and Kathe McDaniels
Frank and Claire‐Ann Oakley
Andrea and Mark Pearlman
Fred and Susan Puddester
Karen and Jim Shepard
Laurie and Peter Thomsen
John Carr
Virginia Corsi
Stuart and Susan Crampton
William and Gintare Everett
Paul and Corrina Gitterman
Suzanne Graver
Bayard and Agnes Kessler
Trevor and Elayne Murphy
Donna and David Rempell
Paul von Eigen
Susan L. Buck
The Burris‐Wells Family
Louise and Earl Dudley
Rose Ellis and Steven Green
Janet and Eric Holmgren
Jane and Win Stuebner
Mary O’Connor
Susan Abrams and Tiku Majumder
Geoff Allen
John and Jane Allen
Marcia and Will Andrew
Stuart and Helene Armet
Paige Bartels
Ellen Bernstein
Jeff and Carol Betti
Roger and Julia Bolton
In memory of Henry E. Bratcher, Jr.
James R. and Mary Lou Briggs
Russ and Mary Jo Carpenter
Phebe Cramer
Elizabeth Creighton
Anne Crider
Hallie and Daniel D’Agruma
Joseph Dewey and Willemina Kramer
Deborah Edson
David Elpern
Austin Fagan
Mrs. Margaret D. Fernandez
Elena Fernandez
Fred and Leigh Ferris
Juliet Flynt
Art and Diane Fuleihan
Mary Galusha
The Garrity‐Greenfield Family
Judy and Jim Gibbons
Jeff Glab and Christina Olsen
Anne Goodwin
Carrie Greene and James McAllister
Guntlow and Associates
Peter Harnik, Coach Sam’s Swimmer ’69 ‐ ’73
Field Horne
Thomas Howd and Katherine Hudner
John and Jane Howland
Sandra Jorling
The Kapiloff Family
Anne and Paul Karabinos
Ralph Kenyon and Yelena Levina
Jane Klaus, In honor of Carl and Nancy Samuelson
Gay Klaus‐Scarborough
John Kleiner and Elizabeth Kolbert
Steve and Kim Kuster
Tom and Gerry Leamon
Sylvia Logan
Molly Magavern
Rev. David and Rosemary Mangun
Martha Marvin
Nancy Mathews and Ingrid Montecino
Kristine McAlister
Nancy McIntire
Catherine McKeen
Darren and Aimee McSpedon
Julia Munemo
Jane Nicholls and Alan White
Eric, Monique and Morgan Nottke
Nancy Nylen and David Dethier
Richard and Keren Oberfield
Charles and Elvy O’Brien
Jay Pasachoff
Eloise Pasachoff and Tom Glaisyer
Steven Fein and Wendy Penner
Kashia Pieprzak and Matthew Gold
Richard Rand and Kelly Pask
Elizabeth Reynolds
Sarah Sanford
Marcia A. Sarrouf
Anne R. Skinner
Susan and Philip Smith, in honor of Carl and Nancy
Sam and Brenda Smith
Susan Snyder
Stephen Belouin Youth Sports Fund
Robin Brickman and Jeff Strait
Maureen Strype and Sam Crane
Jane Stuebner
Vanessa Teitelbaum
Jay Thoman and Lee Venolia, In honor of Dr. David Amlicke, W’80
Janneke van de Stadt and Joe Johnson
Mars Vilaibi and Alethea Morrison
Tara Watson
Audrey Werner
Kaatje and Rob White
Bodil and Harry Wilson
Scott Wong and Carrie Waara
Susan Yates‐Mulder
John Young
Ghetta Hirsch
Leigh Harris
Hirsch‐Savage Family
Jessica Stokes and Rick Osterberg
Samuel and Elizabeth Smith
Alan and Sara Stricker
Patricia Antoniello
Deb Burns
Peter V. Buttenheim, in honor of Malcom Smith
Marjorie Chamberlain
Ned Chasteney ’82 and Maureen Sullivan
Jean Culver
Keith M. Davis
Anne F. Degersdorff
Joseph and Barbara Gallo
Marvin and Mary Gangemi
Lisa and Ray Hiley
Alan and Marjorie Hirsch
Bill Hymes
Kevin and Moira Jones
Carolyn and Larry Kaplan
Nicole and Sean Keogh
Alison and Jim Kolesar
Stephanie Boyd and Bill Lenhart, In honor of Nancy Maier
Patch and Chris Mason
Marc McDermott
Connie and Tom McEvoy
Jim and Jan Merrill
Marianne Nelson
Margaret Oxtoby and Cesar Silva
Kathleen Pasek and Mustafa Deen
Vincent Pesce
Molly Polk and Peter Low
Rachel Rounds
Susan, Heidi and Sam Schneski
Richard J. Scullin III
Tony Sheppard and Lara Shore‐Sheppard
Sharon Wyrrick and Matt Silliman
Carol‐Ann Smalley
Rachelle and Tom Smith
Sarah Bolton and Ari Solomon
Helena Warburg and Ron Levinsky, in honor of Nancy Maier
Michael, Bernadine, Ellie and Fiona Williams
Al and Charlene Wise
Susan McKenzie Wolk
Lawrence and Judith Wright
Pamela Burger
Dale Borman Fink and Betty Zimmerberg
Heather Forman
William Anderson, Jr.
Sally K Cramer Revocable Trust
Chip and Ellen Joffe‐Halpern
Bev and Ray Scheer
Richard and Jeanne Blake
David and Maribeth Casey, In honor of Nancy Maier
Frederick Driscoll
Bill and Norma Fox
Deb and Dave Gamari
Patricia Leach
Mara Naaman
Dick and Beth Nesbitt
Margaret and Robert O’Clair
Kim (Eckrich) Oster ’85
David and Jane Peth
Patricia Polumbo
Damon Reed, in honor of Carl Samuelson
Louise Rose
Nada Samuels
Virginia and Thomas Sheldon
Franny and Timothy Shuker‐Haines
Bridget Spann
Joanne Sylvester
Paul and Liza Barrett
Laura Bentz and Ken Kuttner
Paula Stambaugh
Sandy and Mark Howlett
Elizabeth Austin
Katherine and Pedro Cortes
H. Blanche Demagall
Jay Hellmuth
Karen Pellegrini and Bob Kampe
Trainer Thompson
Jose and Mary Rivera